Alfie Noakes is the founder of We Are Funny Project and he has spent a decade promoting and MCing open mic and pro shows.

He is now offering discrete one-on-one comedy direction sessions either in-person or via video-link.

We Are Funny Project heartily believes that there is no replacement for stage time which is irreplaceable and priceless. Which is why we offer some of the best open mic in London, and have done so for years.

However, personal tuition can help acts to understand aspects of comedy performance more quickly and show how to dodge some painful rookie errors, or simply turbo-charge your development and explode your laugh-rate.

Sessions are 75 minutes long and cost £50 each time with a minimum of 2 sessions being necessary. This is often enough, at least for a few months, while the lessons are applied and honed on stage.

The first session focuses on reviewing a specific 5 minute set. The approach is to think of your set as though a brick wall. Some bricks (jokes) will be good, some not so much, some might not be in the best place, or perhaps of not the highest quality… we will focus on removing what is less than great and look at what to replace the space with, and how to it fill up with better bricks (material). Structure is very important for both walls and comedy sets.

Students will be given genuinely practical methods for re-considering their original premise, finding new ones, how to mine topics for maximum laughs, structuring a set, tagging, persona, stage-craft and a whole lot more… 

Alfie has produced: 

* Over 200 workshops led by professional comedians

* More than 1500 gigs

* Generated in excess of 26, 000 spots

He has personally compered 1000+ gigs and is proud to be able to share the benefits of his experience and insights. He has had the privilege of introducing and observing acts from their very first gig develop to major TV and club success.

Alfie can share advice and techniques on:

·      MCing

·      Avoiding Common Pitfalls

·      Performance and Persona

·      Generating Material

·      Testing Material

·      Editing Material

·      Set Structure

·      Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses

·      Finding Your Voice

·      How to “Read a Room”

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