Delivering the biggest laughs and finest value comedy for New Years Eve 2018 into 2019

We are so delighted to be bringing together a bill this amazing for less than £15 per ticket. Surely the best comedy deal in town on the biggest party night of the year… wrapped up at 930pm for whatever your midnight hour may offer.

Perrier Award Winning American comedian, Scott Capurro, witty and brilliant, will headline the show.

Kick off your New Years with a top value night of comedy from 3 of the finest professional acts in the Country.

Most comedy clubs charge a huge premium for NYE, we keep the price fair and the comedy top notch. All killer, no filler!

We start at 745pm and will be all wrapped up at 930pm so that you can comfortably make it to wherever you are seeing in 2019... 

MC Alfie Noakes will run the show.

Prince Abdi will kick off the show with his charming hilarious gags.

Rick Kiesewetter will bring his unique insights and brilliant jokes for a crowd that are sure to be up-for-it.

More than 90 minutes of NYE laughs to help you wave bye-bye to 2018 and warm your cockles for the later tunes, fireworks, friends, booze, kisses or whatever you wish for as this amazing night unfolds across the world.

British Film Institute Comedy Season...

… our friends at the BFI are running the “Comedy Genius” season this Autumn and there is some real gold in there with some fabulous talent attending for Q&A and more. Check it out.

We Are Funny/Fascinating Project Returns for Autumn 2018 Run

Having taken a break in August for summer refreshment and the Edinburgh Fringe, we return to our regular Monday and Tuesday comedy shows at Farrs in Dalston Junction from September 10th.

Mondays will be varied and open to all as ever, while from Tuesday September 18th the format will change up to feature only tried'n'tested material from more seasoned open acts.

Sister Project, the We Are Fascinating Project, will return with two workshops focused on personal development and life skills. 

October 7th - Public Speaking with Confidence and Jokes with Alfie Noakes

November 18th - Body Language for Comedy (and Life) with Alfie Noakes


We Are Funny Project have a wonderful Autumn series of workshops with an "Early Bird" booking price typically available until 12 or 13 days before the event.

Sept 16th – Impro Comedy Workshop with Rob Hitchmough


Sept 23rd – Writing & Performing Clean Comedy with Dave Thompson


Sept 29th - MCing Open Mike Comedy with Alfie Noakes


Sept 30th – NLP for Stand Up Comedy with Richard Lindesay


Oct 14th - Impro Comedy Workshop with Rob Hitchmough


Oct 21st – Comedy Storytelling with Matt Price


Nov 4th – Sit-Com Writing for TV with Stephen Carlin


Nov 11th – Clowning with Dave Thompson


Nov 18th – Body Language for Comedy (and Life) with Alfie Noakes


Nov 25th – Punch Up Your Stand Up with Scott Capurro

"Feminist Talking Points" Show Is Back On... The Show They Tried To Ban!

Some folk may have been paying attention to recent ructions...

I said I'd find a new venue for the "Feminist Talking Points" gig and round off booking a quality, talented and diverse range of voices to take part... and so I have. We don't want to let calls for censorship by alleged "comedians" carry the day do we folks?

It's a wonderful cast of acts and now we're doing it for charity! Please do come and join us; male or female, trans or gay, black or white, small or tall, fat or thin, whatever you are, you are welcome. As always. With the We Are Funny Project.

Feminist Backlash Forces Show To Be Cancelled

Action by the radical feminist comedian Kate Smurthwaite who attacked a planned themed show to be entitled "Feminist Talking Points" means the show planned for February 28th has to be cancelled.

The show was to be a diverse bill of acts discussing the topic in a humourous way yet was the victim of a call for censorship by a fellow "artist" which leads us into vert troubling waters.

We are seeking a new venue that will support such a show but the main info can be found on the following links.


We are delighted to announce an expansion of the We Are Funny Project into broader areas of live spoken word events and fun nights out in London.

Commencing September 28th at The Albany Pub (Great Portland Street), we are running an initial 8 week series of talks from entertaining experts and interesting individuals.

The Talks will range from issues such as "Cults in The UK: A Growing Problem" to "A Life Undercover: Tales from an Award-Winning Journalist", or, "Crypto-currencies" through to "The Future of The War on Drugs" and more. Much more.

The events will start at 730pm, doors from 7pm, and wrap up after the Talk and Q&A, around 930 - 10pm.


Comedy must be diverse to counter Trump's divisions

This is taken from my article on Chortle. You can read the article in full at Chortle and learn more about We Are Funny People on this website or on Facebook.

Back in September, the brilliant comic talent that is Brendon Burns wrote a Chortle piece decrying the lack of diversity in the comedy scene. It really caught something in me.

Back in 2015 I was interviewed by Simon Caine for his excellent Ask The Industry podcast and he asked me about my diversity policy when booking gigs on the open mic scene. At the time I staged more of them than anyone else in the country.

I responded along the lines that I had no policy at all, who was I to be the decider of such issues? Further, so far as I could tell, the bookings were fairly well reflective of the scene. For example, I think female acts represent around one in eight on that circuit and there’s typically a couple of females on each bill, so it was reasonable representation I thought, the balance was organic.

Of course, there are other ‘minority’ groups such as gay people, folks with black or brown skin, disabled… My attitude was that no one got booked ‘because of…’ and nobody denied a spot ‘because of….’ either. As I believe that I carry no notable prejudice, I assumed all was OK.

Brendon’s  article snapped me out of that apathy, driven by the point that the dominating voice of straight white males was killing the diversity of opinion, experience and attitude, that when delivered well by an honest and talented performer, often allows for the presentation of the most exciting and illuminating material.

Read the rest of the article at Chortle.

This might make an ideal Christmas gift for that very particular person…..

Ho Ho Ho indeed - Welcome to Stand Up workshop with Dav  e Thompson

Ho Ho Ho indeed - Welcome to Stand Up workshop with Dave Thompson

Plenty of people are funny, though it’s a different beast to get up on stage with the sole intent of making an expectant audience laugh. This one day Welcome to Stand Up Workshop with veteran funny man Dave Thompson is designed for folk who would like some information and direction on how to get on in the open mic scene and get some initial advice on writing gags and performing.

There will be personal attention while writing your first material, an opportunity to get up on stage and “have a go” and then get a couple of guaranteed spots at upcoming We Are Funny Project open mic nights. Share the workshop on Facebook or book your place now at Eventbrite.

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to We Are Funny Project (Redux)

The We Are Funny Project has had a rollercoaster year and a bit, but we have stayed true to our mission: turning the investment from our generous Crowdfunders into real opportunities for comedians and comedy fans, and contributing to the London comedy scene in general.

There have been ups and downs, but that story can wait for another day. Right now you should check out our packed autumn schedule. We’re bringing a load of the good stuff to you - and we are confirming new acts all the time.

I am especially thrilled with the new Wednesday night format - they will be cracking shows. Here are some highlights:

Our main venue, Farr’s in Dalston, is in a great location, it's a cracking room, and the management have been really supportive. It's a great base for productive artists to flourish.

I am truly excited that we have so much going on, coming up, and in development. This is what The We Are Funny Project is all about:

Thank you so much to all our generous supporters, great acts and loyal comedy fans. 

Here's to a load more laughs together.

Respect and best wishes,

Alfie Noakes