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Workshop. Mimicry & Satire with Will Franken and WAFP

  • Farrs 17 Dalston Lane London, England, E8 3BG United Kingdom (map)

All students will be offered a 5 minute open mic spot at a We Are Funny Project gig in the period following the Workshop so that they might apply some of what has been learned.

“Will Franken is a master of delusion, an id unchained” – Robin Williams 

“Sharp-clawed satire on culture and liberal piety. . .the darkness of Franken's imagination is like Chris Morris; this is 'Blue Jam' with a wilder look in its eyes.” – The Guardian

£65 "Early Bird" offer available until 11pm, Oct 28th

£75 "Late Booker" available until 11am, Nov 10th

£85 "Premium Early Bird" offer available until 11pm, Oct 28th

£95 "Premium Late Booker" available until 11am, Nov 10th

This workshop will not only entail valuable writing and performance exercises, but will also examine the historical continuum of satire and the comedic importance of being able to deftly convey a satirical message.

This course will introduce you to the art of satire and ethical value of casting yourself as a comedic enemy against the status quo – with your material serving not necessarily as a business card, but rather as a highly effective comedic weapon.

The day is part spoken class with Q&A, plus practical exercises and personal reviews of your material. The class will be its' own audience and in my experience a number of new friendships are born and a whole lot of laughs are had on our Workshops.

This is a workshop set up to demonstrate unique tips and techniques to aid both new and established performers in honing the fine comedic art of mimicry. Come learn about and take part in exercises on accents, facial elasticity, monologue and dialogue crafting, quick-change segues, and much more! 

Are you just looking for a means whereby you can flesh out a monotonously dry linear stand-up set with an extra, laughter-inducing layer? 

Are you desirous of an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to comedy? 

One that acts upon the carefully calculated presumption that if the audience doesn't laugh at the concept, they may laugh at the voice, and if they don't laugh at the voice, they may laugh at the face, ad infinitum? 

Do you yearn to write and perform material with socially relevant depth in contrast to the bland output of an all-too-often shallow comedy industry?

Do you believe comedy should be something more culturally significant than a string of light-hearted observational gags served for the pedestrian pleasures of weekend club audiences?

Perhaps you've been hiding an inner rebel, outraged at the state of the world, desirous to use your comedic platform for a higher purpose.

In addition to having over fifteen years' experience on the US and UK circuits as a critically-acclaimed cult satirical phenomenon, Franken also holds a Masters degree in Restoration and 18th Century British Literature, with his thesis on Horatian and Juvenalian satire in the works of Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift. Modern satirists such as Peter Cook and Chris Morris are great influences on Will and his take on satire.

Testimonials from previous students of Mimicry and Satire Workshops with Will Franken:

Joseph Stephens This is the best comedy workshop I've been to. Will Franken is not only a master of the art, but also a great teacher. I learned a lot from the workshop and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to use accents and mimicry in their performance.

Richard Lindesay This was supremely interesting and useful, and I got all that I wanted from it and more. Highly recommended.

Laurence Ogden Had a lot of fun, definitely taken away lots of new ideas.