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Public Speaking with Confidence & Jokes Workshop with Alfie Noakes

  • Farrs School of Dancing 17-19 Dalston Lane London, England, E8 3DF United Kingdom (map)

It has been said that "Public Speaking" generates more fear in many people than snakes, great heights and, erm, Donald Trump.


Many roles require speaking in public, and for those who are not naturally attracted to the spotlight, it can be a harrowing process. For audiences, being presented to by a figure lacking enthusiasm or confidence, it can be a lacklustre, even self-defeating, event.


Whether they be a business person or a "Best Man", teacher or a specialist at a TED event, all speakers do it for a reason. To convey information that they deem important.


The message may help to make the world a better place, earn/raise money, gain a promotion, bring laughter, fulfil a professional obligation or simply increase understanding.


£65 "Early Bird" offer available until September 24th


£75 "Late Booker" available until October 7th

As the legendary intellectual Professor Marshall McLuhan stated, "The medium is the message".


Our one day workshop will show students how to make the most of their medium to land their message as intended. The fact is, what might have been an intimidating prospect can be made fun (and funny).


By using certain tools and techniques, through understanding certain truths and applying proven methods, confidence can be built most quickly. Confidence is key, yet is not the only tool required of a public speaker.


This workshop will show students how to:


* Immediately grab the attention of the audience


* Swiftly establish rapport with a crowd and elevate personal status


* Produce a state of confidence prior to the occasion and mute those jangling nerves


* Use appropriate humour to win over the crowd


* Avoid classic errors in public speaking


* Ensure that the key point(s) are delivered with wicked clarity


Students will receive a class detailing specific methods to help with writing, managing pre-event emotions and how to nail the delivery.


Each student will "get up" in front of the other students (their "audience") and have a go. This brings the real feel in a safe place, incredibly helpful in ironing out issues and establishing positive methods.


Immediate, frank and friendly feedback will be given, specific to the personality and needs of each attendee.

This is a We Are Fascinating Project event.


Tutor Alfie Noakes runs We Are Funny Project and We Are Fascinating Project and was a Radio and TV Presenter, Writer, Producer and Director for more than a decade, having the privilege to work with a broad range of talented household names. Over the last 10 years Alfie has produced 100s of comedy shows and workshops with some of the finest comedy talent in the UK, and also MCing over 1000 stand up comedy shows during that period.