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NLP and Body Language for Comedians Workshop

  • Farr's School of Dancing 17 - 19 Dalston Lane London, England, E8 2LX United Kingdom (map)

Our teacher David has been a Master Trainer of NLP since 1996. He has been a public speaker for over 25 years. Whilst he realised he was a great trainer and speaker he had to admit to himself that he was far from entertaining. To resolve this he used NLP modeling techniques to extract the delivery skills of his favourite comedians. David Spikey, Peter Kay, Jack Dee and Stuart Francis to name but a few.

What is NLP?

Jimmy Carr is well known as an NLP enthusiast and is a trained NLP Practitioner.

Pub meal and drink are included in the price of £120 "Early Bird" or £150 "late booker".

This a broad and dense topic, this is a focused and detailed introduction to the art and skills and how to apply for comedy effect.

List of matters that would be covered, and skills provided to address or enhance the performance of a comedian:

1. Develop rapport with the crowd with non-verbal communication skills
2. Establish memory and creative techniques for mastering (new) material
3. Banish unpleasant pre-gig nerves
4. Slip into “the zone” or a “flow state” for optimum performance, at will
5. “Read the room” and therefore know which audience members to go to and whom to leave alone.
6. How to “win over” a room by identifying and managing “rapport leaders”
7. Greater control over own performance and audience
8. Learn to be comfortable with silences
9. Avoid being knocked off track by preparing for occasional, yet predictable, events
10. Benefit from lessons learned by modelling skills of established professionals
11. Maintain your state and status throughout a performance
12. Master “Satir Categories”.
- Leveller (Hush!)
- Placator (Yes Man)
- Computer (Robotic)
- Blamer (Your Fault)
- Distractor (Asymmetry)

We will show you how to add dynamics and energy to your performance, however, these skills can help with a great range of life matters.

Comments from previous students:

Chris Cooke
· December 9, 2016
I took the NLP Course for Comedians. It was very interesting and informative. I certainly hope to be able to put what we were shown into practice. I found the body language lessons were the most valuable aspect of the course. The approach to focusing and relaxation was not entirely new to me, but David introduced new aspects to it.

Kelvin Green Like most people, not sure if NLP is for me, but Dave Shepherd is such an authority on his subject, you cannot glean that type of info from books or googling; a very intense workshop that I would reccomend to anyone, comedian or whatever. Dave, a very approachable practitioner, gave us a lot of great insights into crowds, and the dynamics of crowds, something you don't really spend too much time on, and also the physiology of communication. My favourite aspect was getting into 'State', which sounds mysterious, but is something anyone will recognize a s being essential for performance. Now, must deploy my new tools. These workshops, short, good value and informative, are great tasters to which you can further your knowledge, without committing any long/time consuming course. Saves a lot of hit or miss on quality, the ground work is done, just provide the motivation. Thanks again Alfie, Alex and dave; and fellow students.
Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · December 5 at 10:16pm

Darron Hargreaves Yeah. I'd echo that Kelvin. Really enjoyable and fascinating session. 
Definitely felt I took something positive away from spending time with this knowledgeable guy. 
I've used NLP before, but not directly in this context, so I look forward to trying some of it on stage.