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Talk. Cults In The UK: A Growing Problem with Ian Haworth

  • The Albany 240 Great Portland Street London, England, W1W 5QU United Kingdom (map)

This event is part of the "We Are Fascinating Project" season of Talks from entertaining experts and insightful individuals. The Talks will each be capped off with a Q&A between the speaker and the audience. It's a social, it's a learning opportunity, it's a little like an interactive book....where the reader gets to ask direct questions to the author.


Speaker Ian Haworth was himself recruited by a Canadian cult in the 1970s' and once freed, he established the Cult Information Centre and has dedicated himself to highlighting the issue. Ian assists families of cult members with information about the phenomenon, talks to ex-cult members who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms and works closely with the media to alert society to new cult related problems.


"People do not join a cult. They are recruited". Ian Haworth


"Those who are most safe from cults are the mentally ill. If you are intelligent, educated and from an economically advantaged background and you care about the state of the world.... then you would be very easy to recruit". Ian Haworth


This Talk with Ian will take in some of the modern history of cults from the well known to the more obscure. With almost 1000 cults operating in the UK today, capitalising on the advances of the internet, the problem appears to be growing rather than abating.


Ian will also address how the mindset of cult recruits have much in common with terrorists and suicide bombers. How do people get taken into these mental states? What is the appeal? What happens if/when the recruit comes to understand that they need to leave.... and re-join a very different world?


Further, Ian will speak of an alarming new trend in whom the cults are targeting and what their future successes could mean for the broader culture.


Tickets are £10 in advance or £15 on the door.