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NLP for Stand Up Comedy Workshop with Richard Lindesay and We Are Funny Project

  • Farr's School of Dancing 19 Dalston Lane London, England, E8 2LX United Kingdom (map)

This workshop is designed to bring specific skills to performers who wish to be able to be (more) comfortable on stage, grow their confidence, improve their rapport with the audience and generally bolster their stage presence and joke writing abilities.

The ticket price of £65 includes a pub meal and drink during the workshop, plus a guaranteed spot at at a We Are Funny Project gig soon after, so that what has been learned can be applied.

This Early Bird £65 price offer expires on October 16th when the price will rise to £85. 

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming, Jimmy Carr is one of many who have applied it to their joke craft. Here's a decent online definition for this spectacular field. 

What is NLP?

NLP is a broad and dense topic, this workshop is a focussed and detailed introduction to applying boosted art and skills for comedy preparation and performance. 

- Maximise stage presence by looking and feeling comfortable on stage

- Building comedy material with maximum clarity and laugh potential

- Getting more laughs by communicating material in an easy-to-assimilate manner

- Gain confidence by committing your material to memory

- Keeping control of the room by dealing with interruptions and hecklers

- Work on your material and delivery live onstage

Your tutor, Richard Lindesay, has been involved in NLP since the early 2000s to model successful business people. By the mid 2000s he was mentoring people on a one-on-one to basis, working on improving their presentation skills, reducing stage fright, and writing clear and easy-to-assimilate presentation and training material. In the early 2010s he developed his own business consulting methods under the banner of Metaphors of Business, and provided public trainings and private mentoring in these techniques. NLP lead Richard into comedy through an NLP modelling project where he was tasked with analysing the performance technique and material of Jimmy Carr, after which he used what he had learned to write and perform my own stand-up comedy.

Richard started comedy in Sydney, Australia, and has since gigged professionally in comedy clubs throughout Australia, New Zealand, and more recently in the UK. He produced and performed in sold out shows at the Sydney Fringe Festival and New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

In the UK, alongside performing, he also write comedy material for social media companies, public speakers, and other comics.

Promoter Alfie Noakes will be available for after-workshop drinks and will happily answer and more general questions on the comedy scene (where he feels wualified to comment)