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Talk. The Drugs Don't (Always) Work: The Future of Chronic Pain Management

  • The Albany 240 Great Portland Street London, England, W1W 5QU United Kingdom (map)

This event is part of the "We Are Fascinating Project" season of Talks from entertaining experts and insightful individuals. The Talks will each be capped off with a Q&A between the speaker and the audience. It's a social, it's a learning opportunity, it's a little like an interactive book....where the reader gets to ask direct questions to the author.

Speaker Danny Orchard is a lecturer in pain science and writes the pain management curriculum for the British School of Osteopathy, the oldest college of osteopathy in Europe. After reading a MSc in Pain Science from Kings College London, he spent several years lecturing on the international circuit.

This lecture talk will explore the neuroscience behind chronic pain from a layperson's perspective and how pain is a complex interaction between the physical state of our tissues and our psychological state of mind.

We will delve into how and why a person may be susceptible to pain chronification (the move from fleeting to persistent pain) and the changes that occur in our nervous systems that leads to a state of chronic pain.

We will also look at the basic mechanism behind certain painkillers and why they don't always work as expected, or can even make the pain worse.

We will finish by looking at ways to prevent pain becoming persistent and what we can do to help reduce its effect on our quality of life.

Danny's most recent venture is a new start-up charity, the Centre for Osteopathic Research and Excellence, aimed at providing affordable osteopathy to the community, mentoring for new graduates and researching non-pharmaceutical treatments for chronic pain.