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Comedy Sketch Writing Workshop with Will Franken

  • Farr's School of Dancing 17-19 Dalston Lane London E8 3DF United Kingdom (map)
Will Franken is a master of delusion, an id unchained.
— Robin Williams
Sharp-clawed satire on culture and liberal piety. . .the darkness of Franken’s imagination is like Chris Morris; this is ‘Blue Jam’ with a wilder look in its eyes.
— The Guardian

The day is part spoken class with Q&A, plus practical exercises and personal reviews of your material. The class will be its' own audience and in my experience a number of new friendships are born and a whole lot of laughs are had on our Workshops.

Where to find the ideas and how to mine them for laughs and performance options are the key questions addressed.

Sketch comedy. Its purpose is threefold:

  1. to entertain,
  2. to provide an alternative to the tedious regularity of stand-up, and
  3. to infuse the noble art of theatre back into comedic performance, where, these days, it is sorely needed. And cult comedic sensation Will Franken is one of its staunchest advocates and purveyors.

Many amateur variety shows or even Oxbridge revues might benefit from a writing and performance workshop drilling down on questions such as how to determine whether a piece is more fitted to a monologue or dialogue, which themes are too saccharine and predictable, how to develop and consistently maintain characters, and when to exit a sketch before it lapses into tedium – or, equally important, how to finish one without bludgeoning the audience with a trite and clumsy punchline?

Early bird price of £65 available until 6pm Monday Nov 21st and then the price increases to £80

The price includes pub meal and a drink