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Comedy Storytelling Workshop with Matt Price

  • Farr's School of Dancing 17-19 Dalston Lane London E8 3DF United Kingdom (map)

In recent years storytelling comedy has become a separate sub genre at the Edinburgh Festival and increasingly comedians are describing themselves as storytellers. Traditionally that was code for either “not funny”, or “not having any jokes.” Now a storytelling style is very popular with audiences at comedy clubs and comedy festivals all over the world.

This course is for comedians who want to develop their storytelling skills. 

The aim is to help you get a better a understanding of the mechanics of telling a funny story. By the end of it, you will have a broad insight in how to develop and structure a story from the initial idea to a honed piece of comedy.

The course will include practical tips on how to :

  • use silences to great affect
  • seamlessly set up and use callbacks
  • weaving in and out of banter
  • distraction
  • telling two stories at once
  • finding a story that suits your persona
  • tying everything up at the end
  • narrative arc for an hour long show or longer story
  • tone and stage craft
  • things that can go wrong that can be used to your advantage

The cost for the day is £65, including a pub lunch and drink, pint or glass of wine.

For any enquiries please email

In addition to running this Workshop, we shall be running a Storytelling night on October 26th. Details TBA. A couple of students from this Workshop will have the opportunity to perform at that show, alongside a bill of seasoned tip-top acts.

There is a knack to telling a good story. A way of cutting out unnecessary set ups, deciding what the story is about and what it's really about. Most importantly, there is a way of making a story engaging and funny. That is the overall aim of this course.

Participants will need to prepare in advance, either an outline of a story or a story that is 3 minutes in length. They need to be able to explain why it's funny. They will perform their story and get feedback in the afternoon. They will leave with a better understanding of how to tell their story in a club set or show.

Matt has performed in over 30 countries, received an award nomination for a solo show in Australia, performed 5 solo shows in Edinburgh and have received many 4 and 5 stars reviews (for narrative solo shows). Matt has also received a few bad reviews over the years too, which makes him even more qualified to present a workshop of this nature. He works for most UK comedy promoters and have a reputation as being an interactive, joke based storyteller.

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