Welcome to We Are Funny Project (Redux)

The We Are Funny Project has had a rollercoaster year and a bit, but we have stayed true to our mission: turning the investment from our generous Crowdfunders into real opportunities for comedians and comedy fans, and contributing to the London comedy scene in general.

There have been ups and downs, but that story can wait for another day. Right now you should check out our packed autumn schedule. We’re bringing a load of the good stuff to you - and we are confirming new acts all the time.

I am especially thrilled with the new Wednesday night format - they will be cracking shows. Here are some highlights:

Our main venue, Farr’s in Dalston, is in a great location, it's a cracking room, and the management have been really supportive. It's a great base for productive artists to flourish.

I am truly excited that we have so much going on, coming up, and in development. This is what The We Are Funny Project is all about:

Thank you so much to all our generous supporters, great acts and loyal comedy fans. 

Here's to a load more laughs together.

Respect and best wishes,

Alfie Noakes