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Musical Comedy Workshop with Kate Lucas and We Are Funny Project
12:00 PM12:00

Musical Comedy Workshop with Kate Lucas and We Are Funny Project

The "Early Bird" price for this workshop is £65, available until October 2nd, includes a pub meal and drink.

Students are guaranteed stage time with the We Are Funny Project so that lessons can be applied.

Award winning musical comedian Kate Lucas is known for her razor sharp and deliciously dark songs. She combines catchy melodies with original lyrics to showcase her playfully bitter musings on life. Audiences have come to expect examples of what not to say and how not to behave from this gloriously talented young comic.

‘A true musical genius’ | Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

In 2014, Kate took home the title for the prestigious Leicester Mercury New Comedian of the Year and her performances since have been met with huge critical acclaim.

Naturally, singers, and a whole range of instruments, are welcomed, the principles taught are universal.

The Workshop will feature:

- A look through examples of musical comedy and varying styles
- Improvisation games to get students thinking on their feet
- Group tasks examining the relationship between style and tone
- Feedback on the group tasks
- A look at some of the different approaches to song-writing
- A final task which can be done in small groups, or individually, will be to write your own song (This can be completely original or if you would prefer can be changing the words to an existing song) and present it to the group.
- Exercises designed to warm up voices and get everyone loosened up
- Feedback on each song.

The "Late Booker" price jumps to £85 from 6pm October 2nd.

Alfie Noakes will happily have a drink with students after the event and answer questions on he London comedy scene, where he feels qualified to answer.

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MCing Open Mic Comedy with Alfie Noakes and We Are Funny Project
12:00 PM12:00

MCing Open Mic Comedy with Alfie Noakes and We Are Funny Project

The "Early Bird" price for this workshop is £65, available until September 25th, includes a pub meal and drink.

Students are guaranteed stage time with the We Are Funny Project, getting to MC half of an open mic show so as to apply some of what has been learned.

The key focus of this friendly one day workshop is to give new(ish) comedians a clear understanding of the role of the comedy compere, or MC, and how not just get the most laughs and maintain the energy in room, but how to run the night itself. 

This workshop will provide the essential information as what is expected of an MC, best practices, pitfalls to avoid and how best to mine your comedy in this all essential role. 

New MCs won't typically be earning their stripes in a paid comedy club, but on the open mic circuit alongside other fresh talent and duties go far beyond simply saying who's up next......

The day will be part straight class and lecture, part performance and review with tailored advice for each and every attendee.

Matters of  how to stay "in the room", house-keeping, crowd work, dealing with hecklers, having responsibility to the show, introducing acts, working in material and more are covered.

By understanding the role of the open mic MC, students will gain insight on what grass roots promoters look for, and also seek to avoid, best practice to gain stage time as an MC (and as an act) and quite simply get a handle on the scene from a point of view that is not simply that of a performer running 5s and 10s. It's really rather illuminating stuff......

The final Q&A session will open the day up to asking about issues of promoting, managing a room, identifying and securing a venue to run your own night well and frankly, almost anything else you wish to know about running quality open mic, the launch pad for every stand up success story.

Alfie Noakes is the creator and promoter of the We Are Funny Project and has MCed well over 600 shows, most often with up to 18 acts on the bill, fast-fire and swift turnaround shows.

The Late Booker fee will be £85, so please do yourself a favour and don't leave booking until the last minute!


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Welcome to Stand Up - One Day Workshop with Dave Thompson
12:00 PM12:00

Welcome to Stand Up - One Day Workshop with Dave Thompson

This Workshop is designed for beginners, who want to try stand up, but aren’t sure how to start. It can also be helpful for those who want to improve their public speaking skills. People who want to do the course as a fun way of improving their English are welcome.

The £65 price for the day includes pub meal and a drink, soft or hard. Students will also be assured an open mic spot with We Are Funny Project so that what has been learned can be applied.

The Joy of Stand Up, or, Welcome to the Wild West!

Getting On Stage.
We cover:
Ways to relax and be confident in front of a crowd.
How to engage your audience.
Using your voice to make your performance pleasant to hear.
Mic and mic stand technique.
Finding the light, and owning the stage.
Being your own manager, to create and exploit opportunity.

Stand Up Personae
How to find your stand-up persona. According to the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the persona is “a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual". Whatever material one performs, the persona is the lens through which the audience sees it. A persona that works well on stage can make poor material seem hilarious, but a persona that doesn’t work, can make brilliant material unfunny. All of the stand-up personae are explained, so you can explore which persona suits you.

The workshop aims to help you develop your ability to create comedy material.
To this end, you learn about different types of joke.

Not Just Thinking – But Doing.
The workshop is practical. During the second half you are asked to produce a minute of material and perform it to the group. You are then given immediate and personal feedback.

Stand-Up comedy is one of the few professions where you don’t need qualifications. You’re not required to wear a uniform, or dress to meet someone’s approval. Nobody decides whether or not you can have facial hair, tattoos, piercings, or pink hair. No government department dictates that you meet their professional standards. You can say what you want, how you want, without assessing health and safety. You don’t have to provide energy ratings, lists of ingredients, or DBS checks. If you’re funny enough, you can pretty much live outside the system that so many people dream of escaping.

People have made their living by making strangers laugh since Biblical times. Microphones came along a hundred and fifty years ago, but the fundamentals of comedy are much as they were at the time of the Pharaohs. Come and discover the ancient secrets!

“Dave Thompson's comedy course kick started my career. I don't think I would be doing comedy today if I had not attended that course.” Mike Gunn.

"Dave Thompson is a fantastic teacher. He has a true comedy mind and I can only imagine in the time since I did his course, he will have got better and better." Susan Murray.

''Dave is someone who truly cares about his students and will give them the best opportunities he can to help them go as far in their career as possible. I have benefitted immensely from attending his lessons.'' Samee Raz

"In Dave Thompson's course I got trained in the nuts and bolts of structuring a 10-minute spot, I learned about -- get this! -- comic THEORY (ha!) and I discovered my own particular comic strengths. Dave left me with tools that I am now working with. In addition, he is just a helluva person. Take the class!" Terianne Falcone

“Dave Thompson using twenty years of experience as a pro comedian. Taught us like a judo comedian black belt. We learnt that, to make them laugh- you have to catch people on their back foot, take them by surprise- and it works." Jo Wonder

"In his comedy classes, Dave has an eye for individual strengths and potential, which I reckon comes from his great understanding of comedy, and his respect for how diverse it can be. A good balance practical feedback and a bit of theory and structure, Dave helped me figure out what plain 'works'. Personally, I still don't think I look like Rolf Harris, but I wouldn't have gotten up for my first gig without his encouragement." Luke Stickels

"Having already performed Stand Up for a while I wanted the confidence to move out of my comfort zone and try new types of comedy, in particular character based. Dave's course gave me the confidence to push my boundaries and the detailed constructive feedback has opened the door for me to loads of new comedy opportunities. Whether an absolute novice or a seasoned professional, anyone who enjoys making people laugh will benefit from the course - I cant recommend it highly enough!”
Mark Wilson.

"Dave Thompson is the man to go to learn and help you on your comedy career. His course, with great constructive feedback and unwavering encouragement, gave me the self belief that I can do this - and I will, so watch this space!"
Pete Woolly.

Dave Thompson
Dave is best known as the person inside the Tinky Winky costume in ‘Teletubbies’, which is still shown all over the world. He’s appeared in four of Harry Hill’s live tours, including ‘Sausage Time’, the DVD of which was released in 2014. Dave’s novel ‘The Sex Life of a Comedian’ is available on amazon.
Dave has performed stand-up comedy in thirty-three countries outside the UK, and acted in four comedy feature films. He’s written for Harry Hill, Omid Djalili, Phil Nichol, Tony Law, Ronnie Corbett, Bruce Forsyth, Jim Tavare, Ben Elton, John Moloney, and Stewart Lee. He was a commissioned writer on ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ and ‘The Sketch Show’ which starred Lee Mack and Tim Vine. He’s appeared in most series of ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ in human or costume roles. He was in eight episodes of Al Murray’s sitcom ‘Time Gentlemen Please’.

Dave’s worked as a visiting lecturer on the comedy degree course at Solent University, and at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. He has taught comedy courses in London, Cardiff, Brighton, Atlantic College (Wales), Budapest, Nässjö and Örebro in Sweden.

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Mimicry & Satire Workshop with Will Franken We Are Funny Project
12:00 PM12:00

Mimicry & Satire Workshop with Will Franken We Are Funny Project

This Workshop will introduce you to the art of satire and ethical value of casting yourself as a comedic enemy against the status quo – with your material serving not necessarily as a business card, but rather as a highly effective comedic weapon.

The "Early Bird" £65 price for the day is available until 6pm May 15th when the price then increases to £75. These includes pub meal and a drink, and every student is guaranteed some We Are Funny Project open mic stage time in order to apply some of what has been learned

The day is part spoken class with Q&A, plus practical exercises and personal reviews of your material. The class will be its' own audience and in my experience a number of new friendships are born and a whole lot of laughs are had on our Workshops.

This is a workshop set up to demonstrate unique tips and techniques to aid both new and established performers in honing the fine comedic art of mimicry. Come learn about and take part in exercises on accents, facial elasticity, monologue and dialogue crafting, quick-change segues, and much more! 

Comments from former students:

Janet Bettesworth " A satirist is the opposite of a decent human being". The irreverence and subversiveness should remain cold and never culminate in an easy, tension-relieving joke. Chris Morris was quoted by Will Franken as an example of this, but not until he'd already invoked Horace, Juvenal, Aristophanes, Chaucer, Moliere and more recently Lenny Bruce and Steve Colbert. This was never long-winded, zipped along and was extraordinarily entertaining, Various exercises involving everyone brought in mimicry as a tool of satire. The massive privilege of understanding the origins of satire as well as having a really fun day make this workshop, in my opinion, priceless.

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Daniel Clay Fun course with some great practical exercises. It was good to go beyond the trivial and think about bringing comedy to the meaningfull by highlighting the madness around us. Good course!

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Richard Lindesay This was supremely interesting and useful, and I got all that I wanted from it and more. Highly recommended.

Laurence Ogden Had a lot of fun, definitely taken away lots of new ideas.

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Comedy Storytelling Workshop with Matt Price
12:00 PM12:00

Comedy Storytelling Workshop with Matt Price

In recent years storytelling comedy has become a separate sub genre at the Edinburgh Festival and increasingly comedians are describing themselves as storytellers. Traditionally that was code for either “not funny”, or “not having any jokes.” Now a storytelling style is very popular with audiences at comedy clubs and comedy festivals all over the world.

This course is for comedians who want to develop their storytelling skills. 

The aim is to help you get a better a understanding of the mechanics of telling a funny story. By the end of it, you will have a broad insight in how to develop and structure a story from the initial idea to a honed piece of comedy.

The course will include practical tips on how to :

  • use silences to great affect
  • seamlessly set up and use callbacks
  • weaving in and out of banter
  • distraction
  • telling two stories at once
  • finding a story that suits your persona
  • tying everything up at the end
  • narrative arc for an hour long show or longer story
  • tone and stage craft
  • things that can go wrong that can be used to your advantage

The cost for the day is £65, including a pub lunch and drink, pint or glass of wine.

For any enquiries please email

In addition to running this Workshop, we shall be running a Storytelling night on October 26th. Details TBA. A couple of students from this Workshop will have the opportunity to perform at that show, alongside a bill of seasoned tip-top acts.

There is a knack to telling a good story. A way of cutting out unnecessary set ups, deciding what the story is about and what it's really about. Most importantly, there is a way of making a story engaging and funny. That is the overall aim of this course.

Participants will need to prepare in advance, either an outline of a story or a story that is 3 minutes in length. They need to be able to explain why it's funny. They will perform their story and get feedback in the afternoon. They will leave with a better understanding of how to tell their story in a club set or show.

Matt has performed in over 30 countries, received an award nomination for a solo show in Australia, performed 5 solo shows in Edinburgh and have received many 4 and 5 stars reviews (for narrative solo shows). Matt has also received a few bad reviews over the years too, which makes him even more qualified to present a workshop of this nature. He works for most UK comedy promoters and have a reputation as being an interactive, joke based storyteller.

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Comedy Sketch Writing Workshop with Will Franken
12:00 PM12:00

Comedy Sketch Writing Workshop with Will Franken

Will Franken is a master of delusion, an id unchained.
— Robin Williams
Sharp-clawed satire on culture and liberal piety. . .the darkness of Franken’s imagination is like Chris Morris; this is ‘Blue Jam’ with a wilder look in its eyes.
— The Guardian

The day is part spoken class with Q&A, plus practical exercises and personal reviews of your material. The class will be its' own audience and in my experience a number of new friendships are born and a whole lot of laughs are had on our Workshops.

Where to find the ideas and how to mine them for laughs and performance options are the key questions addressed.

Sketch comedy. Its purpose is threefold:

  1. to entertain,
  2. to provide an alternative to the tedious regularity of stand-up, and
  3. to infuse the noble art of theatre back into comedic performance, where, these days, it is sorely needed. And cult comedic sensation Will Franken is one of its staunchest advocates and purveyors.

Many amateur variety shows or even Oxbridge revues might benefit from a writing and performance workshop drilling down on questions such as how to determine whether a piece is more fitted to a monologue or dialogue, which themes are too saccharine and predictable, how to develop and consistently maintain characters, and when to exit a sketch before it lapses into tedium – or, equally important, how to finish one without bludgeoning the audience with a trite and clumsy punchline?

Early bird price of £65 available until 6pm Monday Nov 21st and then the price increases to £80

The price includes pub meal and a drink

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Character Comedy Workshop with Howard Smith AKA Keith Platt
12:00 PM12:00

Character Comedy Workshop with Howard Smith AKA Keith Platt

Want to develop your comedy character act? Or maybe you are trying character comedy for the first time? Veteran comedian, podcaster and heavy metal singer Howard Smith - aka Keith Platt, Professional Yorkshireman - will help you create your character, write your material and polish your live performance, all in one packed and enjoyable afternoon. 

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Sound Performance, Recording and Techniques for Podcasting with Robin Green
10:00 AM10:00

Sound Performance, Recording and Techniques for Podcasting with Robin Green

Radio producers, journalists, film-makers and podcasters - your content can be first rate, but if your sound quality is poor, you will lose your audience. Career sound engineer, Robin Green, shows you how to get the best from your equipment, and transform the quality of your recorded work, even if you are on a limited budget.

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