Comedy Storytelling Workshop with Matt Price
12:00 PM12:00

Comedy Storytelling Workshop with Matt Price

£55 Early Bird price expires May 7th and then jumps to £75 for late bookers.

Students will receive guaranteed stage time with We Are Funny Project so that they can apply some of what has been learned.

This is a workshop for newbies, people who might wish to pump up their public speaking skills, new comedians and also gigging comedians who want to build or improve upon their storytelling skills. By storytelling, I mean joke driven stories with a beginning, middle and a pay off at the end. 

If you have a look on comedycv you will see that so many acts describe themselves as having a storytelling style. Funny stories are now even more popular than ever and form part of club sets from 5 to 20 mins and longer, aswell as hour long solo shows.

There is a good reason for this - audiences love funny stories. After 5 intensive hours you will leave with a head full of ideas. The aim of the day is for you to be able to take events that have happened to you and make them funny to the audience in front of you.
It’s a fun and practical workshop that looks at :

How we can develop a funny story from an initial idea to a finished bit.

The techniques used to generate ideas for stories.

How to develop and edit a story.

What makes a story work for you and your on stage persona.

How to deal with various disruptions that happen when peforming long form stories in different types of rooms. 

And how actually, a heckle or disruption can really add to you story.

Matt has performed in over 30 countries, received an award nomination for a solo show in Australia, performed 5 solo shows in Edinburgh and have received many 4 and 5 stars reviews (for narrative solo shows). Matt has also received a few bad reviews over the years too, which makes him even more qualified to present a workshop of this nature. He works for most UK comedy promoters and have a reputation as being an interactive, joke based storyteller.

Matt Price in Australia 2015 

Matt Price with a weird heckler

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We Are Funny Project 5th Birthday Party with Headliner Adam Bloom
7:45 PM19:45

We Are Funny Project 5th Birthday Party with Headliner Adam Bloom

"Early Bird" tickets are £10 or you can take a chance and "Pay What You Want".


We're going to be 5 years old and already worrying about the "Birthday Bumps" anticipated from the good folk who regularly gig and laugh with the best grass roots comedy outfit in the country.


I am delighted to announce that Adam Bloom will headline the show, he is simply one of the best comedians in the country.


We've been in over a dozen venues across the capital and have happily settled at Farrs in Dalston for the last 2 years.


Come and help us celebrate by watching two world-class professional acts who have never performed with us at Farrs before, plus a special fast-fire edition of "We Are Funny Challenge".


There will be other surprise elements of fun, comedy and respect for the good people in this comedy community of ours. If you want to find out what they are, well, there's only one way to do it...


Come and join us. Laugh and play.


Buying one of the limited advance tickets guarantees a fine seat and you're all good... or come along and chuck into the bucket at the end of the night.


The "Early Bird" offer expires at 11pm on Friday 18th May and then the price jump to £15 in order to secure a seat.

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Punch Up Your Stand Up Comedy Workshop with Scott Capurro
12:00 PM12:00

Punch Up Your Stand Up Comedy Workshop with Scott Capurro

The "Early Bird" price for this workshop is £65, available until Monday June 11th 2018. The Late Booker price of £85 will then apply.

Students will receive guaranteed stage time with We Are Funny Project so that they can apply some of what they will have learned.

This is quite simply a comedy master class from Scott Capurro winner of several comedy awards, including the prestigious Perrier Award (when it still mattered).

Scott is a featured actor in film and television, he’s appeared in Mrs. Doubtfire, Star Wars Phantom Menace and on every panel show off the scenic route. This San Franciscan is one of nature’s great raconteurs. Challenging, sometimes outrageous, but intimate too and most happily inspired by the creative process.

This workshop will not only save new acts from making rookie errors and traversing dead end material during their own incubation; it’s also a fantastic way to get to know other fresh faces on the comedy scene.

This workshop is designed for comedy acts of all levels. However anyone with less than 300 gigs will perhaps benefit the most. A massive challenge in stand up performance is making the comedian’s act accessible to a room full of strangers, and with this direct, pertinent approach from one of the longest lasting comedy acts in the UK, such a barrier can be expediently overcome.

Earlier in the workshop, Scott will present a class on the process of creating a stand up set and drilling into your comedic premise. Later, each act will perform 2 - 3 minutes of jokes, with Capurro’s immediate feedback.

Scott will look at each section of the student’s act, pulling apart every joke, finding its truest, simplest form, and revealing the joke’s purest humour. A decent idea will be made better, and a good idea would be propelled to dynamite material.

The audience, made up of students, will then offer their comments. There are a lot of laughs throughout the day.

After 5 pm, Alfie will remain for drinks and take any questions to which he feels qualified to respond, including but not limited to finding the better open mics, acquiring spots in such appropriate clubs, and how to make yourself an indispensable cog in the comedy wheel.

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We Are Funny Dalston with Lynn Ruth Miller
7:45 PM19:45

We Are Funny Dalston with Lynn Ruth Miller

MC Alex Martini will run the show

Our headliner is the one and only Lynn Ruth Miller, unique and hilarious American comic

MC Alex Martini will run the show


Our headliner is the one and only Lynn Ruth Miller, unique and hilarious American comic


10 Spot

Andrew Buchan


Joleed Farah

Stephen Wade

Ross Drummond

Rudy Ilyas

Amelia Ryan

Adam Elmi

Sophie McKay

James Howell

Alex Brydon

Simon Jablonski

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One Day Workshop. We Are Funny Improv with Rob Hitchmough
12:30 PM12:30

One Day Workshop. We Are Funny Improv with Rob Hitchmough

We are extremely fortunate to have Rob Hitchmough teaching this Impro class with We Are Funny Project. We'll be playing improvised games, new games from previous such days, and upping the comedy skills of all the students. 

Laughs are guaranteed on this most fun Workshop.

Rob even has his picture framed and on the stairwell at The Comedy Store alongside other greats of comedy! 

The cost for the session is £20 plus ticketing (£21.83).

Email for further info

We will look at techniques in, ‘raising the stakes’ and, creating comedy characters. One particularly useful skill we will develop is how to make others appear funny.

By the end of the workshop students will have laid to rest any fear they have of impro’, a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of establishing a scene, making it interesting and finding an ending. 

“Rob has been a regular tutor of stand up and improvisation at The Actors Centre for over ten years. He is a valuable and popular tutor, respected by members, other tutors and the staff at The Actors Centre.”�Michael John (Head of Programming at The Actor’s Centre, London.)

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Workshop - MCing Open Mike Comedy with Alfie Noakes
12:00 PM12:00

Workshop - MCing Open Mike Comedy with Alfie Noakes

I am tweaking the previous format to make this a smaller class that runs longer. The fee includes the chance to MC half an open mic night in order to apply what has been learned and have some laughs.

The "Early Bird" price is £75 and is available until 11pm Monday January 9th. The price then rises to £95.

The key focus of this friendly one day workshop is to give new(ish) comedians a clear understanding of the role of the comedy compere, or MC, and how not just get the most laughs and maintain the energy in room, but how to run the night itself. 

This workshop will provide the essential information as what is expected of an MC, best practices, pitfalls to avoid and how best to mine your comedy in this all essential role.

New MCs won't typically be earning their stripes in a paid comedy club, but on the open mic circuit alongside other fresh talent and duties go far beyond simply saying who's up next......

The day will be part straight class and lecture, part performance and review with tailored advice for each and every attendee.

Matters of how to stay "in the room", house-keeping, crowd work, dealing with hecklers, having responsibility to the show, introducing acts, working in material and more are covered.

By understanding the role of the open mic MC, students will gain insight on what grass roots promoters look for, and also seek to avoid, best practice to gain stage time as an MC (and as an act) and quite simply get a handle on the scene from a point of view that is not simply that of a performer running 5s and 10s. It's really rather illuminating stuff......

The final Q&A session will open the day up to asking about issues of promoting, managing a room, identifying and securing a venue to run your own night well and frankly, almost anything else you wish to know about running quality open mic, the launch pad for every stand up success story.

Alfie Noakes is the creator and promoter of the We Are Funny Project and has MCed well over 600 shows, often with up to 18 acts on the bill, fast-fire and swift turnaround shows.

Private tuition is available, email for more info.

Comments from previous students of this Workshop:

Eamon Goodfellow
February 4 · Saint Albans · 
So what did I do yesterday? Well I basically got a brain dump about how to host an open mic night from Alfie. It was fun, informative (I mean really feckin informative, I have pages of notes and tips that will improve my stand-up, presenting at work and most importantly how to leave a mic stand) and so enlightening. I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to MC any night be it comedy or corporate.

Rachel Carroll
February 4 · 
Brilliant day of comedy learning with the brilliant Alfie.

Lou LaBelle
February 5 · Birmingham · 
Thanks for a great day! Info-packed, loads of notes, lots to take away & think about before coming back to put it into practice! Really looking forward to it! 😁 And lovely classmates too! Good luck all 😊

Mandy McCarthy
February 5 · 
Cannot recommend the MCing open Mic with Alfie Noakes highly enough, high energy teaching, proper constructive feedback. Packed a lot in to 5 hours. Came away with lots of insights. Its good fun too. Thanks Mal Alfie Noakes Wharton

Giuseppe Gib
February 5 · 
I have attended several workshops and this was maybe the best. Well structured, with loads of useful information and tips you can apply straight away, from room management to audience interaction, and time for performance and individual feedback. Alfie is honest and will let you know what you are doing well and what you are doing wrong, no bulls**t! Highly recommended if you are interested in becoming an MC.

Will Preston
February 3 · 
Superb!!!!! Thanks again!!!!

Kathryn Taylor
February 3 · 
Thanks for an enjoyable and informative day. X

Rudy Ilyas
February 4 · 
What a lovely afternoon, informative and fun. If only school was such fun... Thank you to our brilliant teacher, Alfie, and fab classmates.

Eva Bindeman
October 14 at 3:37pm · 

A thorough, useful and fascinating course that teaches real and relevant skills in order to MC effectively. It was the right balance if challenging and supportive and would urge anyone wanting to MC for the first time, or those who simply want to improve, to sign up to the next one.

Luke Mcgibbon
October 13 at 12:38pm · 

Excellent value for money. insightful, practical and useful for new and experienced promoters/mcs alike. Would recommend.

Chris Jones
October 11 at 7:17pm · 

Very enjoyable, informative and great value for money. Would recommend.

Vanessa Marcié
October 11 at 11:12am · 

Very insightful day, full of really good tips. Definitely a good idea for anybody who wants to start MCing.

Rob Mayhew
October 10 at 7:51am · London · 

Brilliant one day intensive MC training last Saturday with Alfie. If you ever want to know the secrets to being a great comedy MC, this one day course should be your first stop.

Chris Brown
October 8 at 10:55pm · London · 

Very fun day I learnt a lot about mcing... Well worth the money.. Looking forward to do a nigth of mc at the we are funny project.. Thank you very much.

Carl Richard
October 8 at 8:37pm · 

Fun day and worth the price and I feel like I have now got the nuts to have a go at MCing

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The Lucy Garcia Celebration Comedy Show
7:45 PM19:45

The Lucy Garcia Celebration Comedy Show

The wonderful comedian and human being, Lucy Garcia, passed away on January 13th 2018.

The comedy community in London lost one of our most upbeat, enthusiastic, smart and funny members that day. Her loyal and charming partner Chris Brown lost more.

And so, with Chris' blessing, the Project is staging a show that is to feature some of her favourite acts and be a celebration of Lucy rather than a mournful memorial. After all, this is the lady who set up "Three Chord Comedy"!

Chris has said that he would like, "Everyone to have a laugh and a good time... with in-jokes and mickey-taking".

The Bill will Feature:
Alex Martini (10 Spot, Opening)
Victoria Howden (10 Spot, Closing)
Gary Martin
Darren Wildheart
Steve McLean
Spen Cockerell
Dave Black
Arielle Souma
Freddie Bencard
Stonewall Toda
Andy Hutton

This show will also serve as a fundraiser for the hospice that cared for Lucy in her final days, so those who attend might have some folding material, rather than coins, ready for the bucket at the end of the show. Please.

We hope that this is a show that will bring the regulars of this London comedy community together, because we are that, a community, and Lucy Garcia was a leading light in this creative group of ours.

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We Are Funny Challenge "Feminist Talking Points" Comedy Show - Fundraiser
7:45 PM19:45

We Are Funny Challenge "Feminist Talking Points" Comedy Show - Fundraiser

Your MC will be Alfie Noakes at this funny, free-speech celebrating, charity fundraising event.

The "Challenge" shows are an established We Are Funny Project format. A number of diverse comedians, equally male and female, are invited to perform a brand new 5 minute comedy set on the given theme. In this instance, "Feminist Talking Points".

The original version of this show was forced to be cancelled on account of an online attack by the radical feminist, Kate Smurthwaite. We're back, bigger and better than it would ever have been before!

The show will be opened by a seasoned act delivering a non-themed comedy set to warm up the room and then it's a series of "Challenged" acts right up to the Headliner (also not "Challenged"). Though they might work in some material on the topic, that's their choice...

The hilarious Keith Platt (Professional Yorkshireman) will open the show.

The bold and brilliant American comedian, Chelsea Hart, will be our headliner.

Taking the Challenge will be:

  1. Janet Bettesworth
  2. Nathan Cassidy
  3. Samantha Ruth Presdee
  4. Tom Mayhew
  5. Julie Grady Thomas
  6. Tony Marrese
  7. Sarah Lee
  8. Brandon Palmer

All profits from this show will be split between two charities. The first of which is "The Phoenix Project" for "Mama Biashara" which works in remote areas of Kenya to rescue girls who are running away from FGM, forced marriage and rape. "Mama Biashara" are currently raising money to create a refuge centre and gearing up to work within the maasai community to end FGM.

The second is "Index On Censorship" as free speech is an issue that I am especially impassioned about, and with the alleged "professional" comedian, Kate Smurthwaite, trying to have this show censored I feel that this is an especially tricky time for comedy.

The tale of how a radical feminist, Ms Smurthwaite, had the original version of this show shut down can be learned from the articles posted below. However, rather than accepting being closed down, and the diverse range of voices keen to speak on the matter of "Feminist Talking Points" being stifled, I have responded with making it a bigger and better show with profits going to great causes.

When they go low, you go high... we really can't have "professional" comedians organising online attacks in order to close down comedy shows.

I imagine it would be appear extremely hypocritical of an act who, when faced with having her own show censored, stated "I find it very strange that anyone would feel they couldn’t enjoy a comedy show unless they agreed with 100 per cent of the political views of the person performing". Oh, hang on...


Note: This show will be filmed, edited and released to the internet. By attending the show one runs the risk of being caught on camera.

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We Are Funny Dalston with Nathan Cassidy
7:45 PM19:45

We Are Funny Dalston with Nathan Cassidy

MC Alfie Noakes is producing the show for two guest MCs.

Ed Pownall and Celia Delaney will be running the show.

Your headliner is the quite brilliant Nathan Cassidy

10 Spot
Harun Mushod

5 Spot
Mat Brooks
Rob Mayhem
Jimmy Furre
Vitaly Filipskiy
Adrian Nicolae
Pete Kinsella
Caspian James
Tommy Taylor
Mike Lash

Two spots reserved.

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We Are Funny Dalston with Harriet Braine
7:45 PM19:45

We Are Funny Dalston with Harriet Braine

MC Alex Martini + Guest MC Kathryn Taylor

Headliner Harriet Braine is a tremendously talented musical comedian headlining with us for the first time.

Opening Spot (15 mins): Christian Reilly

5 Spot
Andrew Knight
Claire Stroud
Leslie Ewing-Burgesse
Andy Winfield
Stephen O'Rourke
Derek Telford
Matt Hutchinson
Amelia Ryan
James Ramarni
Mark Fuller
Sam Smedley
Craig Kinloch

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We Are Funny Challenge "War On The War On Drugs" Edition
7:45 PM19:45

We Are Funny Challenge "War On The War On Drugs" Edition

Your MC will be Alfie Noakes

The "Challenge" shows are an established We Are Funny Project format. A number of diverse acts are invited to perform a brand new 5 minute comedy set, with around 2 weeks notices to write, on the given theme. In this instance, "War on The War on Drugs".

This was originally planned to be the second show in the newly politicised Challenge series. Alas the first was cancelled due to calls from a "comedian" to ban it. Read all about it...

The show will be opened by a seasoned act delivering a non-themed comedy set to warm up the room and then it's a series of "Challenged" acts right up to the Headliner (also not Challenged).

Cast TBA (It will not be announced until the entire bill has been booked)

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We Are Funny Dalston with John Pendal
7:45 PM19:45

We Are Funny Dalston with John Pendal

MC Alex Martini + Guest MC Eamon Goodfellow

The hilarious John Pendal will close the show

Opening spot (15 mins): Christian Reilly

5 Spot
Johnnie Sinnott
Livs Hunter
Emily Ferrier
William Hitt
Jennifer Wakefield
James Howell
Ross Mortimer
Stephen Di Placito
Joe Marchant
Lance Concannon
Liam Bannigan
James White

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How to Develop Comedy for Television with Howard Cohen
12:00 PM12:00

How to Develop Comedy for Television with Howard Cohen

The "Early Bird" price for this workshop is £65, available until 6pm March 5th then increases to £85.

The tutor, Howard Cohen is a comedy writer/producer who has worked for major production companies including Warner Brothers, Disney, Objective Productions and Lion Television.

TV credits include BBC3’s Impractical Jokers, BBC2’s The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek, ITV’s The Paul O’ Grady Show and Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer. 

Howard produced and directed a highly successful a series of scripted comedy films for Yahoo! and in 2016 produced, directed and edited the number one most viewed series of shorts for Channel 4 online.

Howards' first scripted comedy has been optioned by a major production company, whilst his second scripted project is currently in development at another company.

Who Is The Workshop For?
So many comedians and aspiring comedy writers have interest in working on TV projects, but unless you want to climb the ladder it’s difficult to break into the industry creatively. This workshop is designed to help those who are outside the TV industry to find a way into the business.

Why Come To The Workshop?
Just because you are not a junior researcher or an assistant producer, does not mean you can make an opportunity for yourself to develop TV shows, BUT there is a certain methodology to dealing with the production companies. This workshop will provide them students with insights to help them progress their ideas to the screen. The day is a blend of theory and practical challenges and exercises.

Break Down Of The Day
1. An introduction to TV – how industry works, who to approach and how best to approach them.
2. Comedy Entertainment – What are they looking for and how to get your initial approach noticed and what you can do to make your idea standout.
3. Comedy Entertainment – How to zone in on your big idea and how to sell it. Advice on treatments and tasters.
4. Brainstorm Exercises – Opportunities to develop a new comedy entertainment idea.
5. Scripted Comedy – What production companies are looking for and how to approach agents. Which competitions offer the most opportunities and how to take the plunge into short film.
6. Scripted Comedy – How to make your idea unique and stand out to the powers that be.
7. Pitching Session – Each student will pitch a single idea and face the challenge of hitting the right marks and testers.
8. Q&A with Howard on practically any aspect of the industry you might care to ask.

Event promoter Alfie Noakes is himself a 13 year veteran of the TV and Radio industry, specialising in documentary, cinema and magazine programming for a slew of shows on Channel 4, Sky, ITV and MTV plus two years as a reporter on BBC Radio One. Towards the end of the day Alfie will be available to answer questions on commissioning and production in arenas beyond specifically comedy productions.

As a short film maker Howards' work has been nominated for awards around the world including The London Short Film Festival, The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival & The Houston Comedy Film Festival. His film “Something For The Wickend” won the people’s choice award at The London Short Film Showcase, and 2015’s “The Milkman” won Best Film at The KinoDot International Film Festival. This work was rewarded with a sketch show series broadcast internationally on the digital channels of the Shorts TV film network.

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